This group of people includes the broadest range of our programming. Based on our research, we have discovered a FEAR INFLECTION POINT that occurs between the ages of 11 and 13 years old. 

Elementary School

This is our prevention programming, addressing needs of kids who are pre-fear inflection point. This means their biggest fears are likely threats to physical well-being. Our goal here is to start outfitting kids with skills and strategies to manage emotional fears once they start to emerge.

Middle School

Middle schools kids are transitioning from physical fears to emotional fears. Our middle school programming focuses on introducing language, creating space for personal reflection while facilitating loads of practice helping kids to express themselves authentically.

High School

80% of high school kids report their biggest fears as threats to emotional well-being - failure, rejection, inadequacy. Brave programming works to address need for skills and strategies to build an effective fear management system for teens to feel equiped to confront hard things daily.

"Crista [Brave] is simply amazing. Her ability to connect with students within minutes of stepping into a room makes each Brave session a supportive, learning environment for students. She helped transform one our teams that had a bit of team chemistry / collaboration issues. Crista is the top facilitator of change I have ever seen work with high school students. Being Brave takes a push and Crista can give each student the personal push they need. Everyone walked out braver then when they entered."

John Pizzi
Director of Athletics, Riverdale Country School

Programming Options

Here are the ways K-12 groups typically use our programming.

Brave Session

This is an interactive session ranging from 90 minutes to 2 hours. It introduces the language of bravery and fear, provides practice opportunities x a million, and works to build team/group/class/school camaraderie. Best for groups of 40-60.

Active Assembly

For big groups (100+), there is the option for a hybrid between a Brave Session and an assembly. Kids can be in an auditorium or a gym, and will actively be engaged in participating vocally and physically. Concepts are learned through storytelling.


We offer long-form programming, which is provides a more intensive experience for kids. We focus on practice, retention of information and most importantly, ability for kids to transfer information to their real lives. This is great for groups of all sizes.

"Before working with brave, I believed that most of the kids in my class were nothing like me and that I was fine doing me all by myself. Throughout the two days, I was able to interact with everyone - literally everyone - and learn a little something about them. The facilitators didn’t have to work that hard for me to trust them because their energy in the room spoke for itself. They also helped me discover things about me that I can change to not only be a better man, but to be a happier one, too."

Bishop McNamara High School

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with groups as small as 20 and as big as 200. 

Our session is designed to be 90 active minutes. With larger groups, we prefer to extend the time to ensure everyone is getting good reps. 

Price available upon request. This would rely on group size.

Price includes worksheets, bracelets and a sticker for every participant. For the group leader, we offer a Brave Analysis based on the quantitative and qualitative data we take from pre- and post-session surveys.

No! We started working with girls because we were experts in working with female teenage athletes. In the last 6 months, we have increased our work with boys. And, we are training male facilitators to further enhance the experience for boys and for girls.

We are a research company, first and foremost. This means we prefer to collect pre- and post-survey data to determine if we are able to move the needle for the groups we work with. A Brave Analysis is what we provide group leaders to tell the story of the session and show the impact of the programming.

Confidence matters.

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