We see you being brave.

Fear is real. Moving in your fear is hard. We can help.

There are 3 WAYS to get more brave.

We have found in our work with over 5,000 people that there are 3 ways to activate your bravery.
Doing these every day trains the habit to move in your fear. And that is what we call a brave mindset.

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Online journal.

We took our 1 way to be brave journal and turned it into an online experience, whether you have the book or not. Choose how you want to do it - by chapter, by day, by fear.

write now.
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the brave space

This is curriculum and a community for high school students. If you feel disrupted - from your routine of school, sports, extracurriculars, job, friends - this is a place for you. 

act now.
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The Inner Views

A collection of incredible people giving great interviews about their lives and experiences, how they are dealing in our world right now, and how they have used bravery to confront fear.

watch now.

Honesty with self.

Core confidence starts with knowing the answers to big and small questions about yourself. This is an online reflection experience that gets you feeling fortified. 

Who doesn't want more confidence?

Get it!
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Witness brave action.

Bravery is action in the face of fear, doubt and uncertainty. Right now, we need to be more brave than ever. 
Access this incredible library of interviews hosted by Crista Samaras with people who have great stories and advice, especially right now.

Watch now!
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