Move in your fear.

this side of hope


If hope is the center, I'm somewhere on it's left side. If hope is the top of the hill, I'm on the climb. If hope is the finish line, I'm running toward it. If hope is a form a knowing, I don't yet know.

It is bliss, this side of hope.

This side of hope is full of possibility for what the facts will reveal, what time will tell.  This side of hope is the wanting and the waiting. This side of hope is limitless, open-ended and a-flutter with wishes.

The other side of hope is a response to whatever is revealed. You can't un-know things once you get to that side of hope. What you hoped for becomes the marker of what either is or isn't.

Before I knew I tore my ACL, I hoped I did not.
Before I knew that my best friend Alex had died, I hoped to find her smiling.
Before my kids are even old enough to go to school, I hope they will be safe inside.

Me and Alex at our graduation from the Annapolis High School class of 1994.

Sometimes, the other side of hope is the lesson you need. Sometimes its the gateway to a healthy kick in the ass. Sometimes it's cold. Sometimes it's unforgiving. Sometimes it's lonely. Sometimes it's a miracle.

Personally, I like the audacity we can have on this side of hope.

I hope I'll be able to to make an impact on this world.
I hope I"ll sing on a big stage one day playing a guitar.
I hope I'll get to interview Oprah.
I hope I'll learn sign language before I lose my hearing.
I hope I'll be able to have another baby.

On this side of hope, anything is possible.

Love to you all -

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