THE CHASE is a monthly online workshop series that is designed to give you tools, resources and a ton of practice designing useful ways to CRUSH IT in your life. 


Live 90-minute online session with Crista Samaras covering the topic of the month. 


Pre- and post-session work to guide and then summarize your work.


Join a community of people who show up to do hard things.  


Info and reasons why you might jump online to get some personal and professional development into your life.

THE CHASE is our monthly online coaching opportunity packed with learning, practicing and the science that inspires our programming design. 

The women who show up to this coaching are any or all of the following: busy, in transition, unmotivated, motivated, sad, ready, almost ready.

Most women who ask about coaching operate as badass confident women in the world, but don't feel that way inside.

Many of the women in this community want the personal space to go deep but simultaneously to be in community with other women.

Each monthly class includes the worksheet materials (we send you some before and after), the ability to replay the live session, and access to our Brave community ("Confidence Club").

You will receive a welcome email with your username and password to enter the Chasers community. Included in the email will be important information and next steps, so read it! if you have any additional questions please let us know at

We will upload videos after each class and you will be able to access the recording through your library.

The CONFIDENCE CLUB is what we call our online community. This is a place of real personal truth, no judgment and all-out support to help you stay in the chase.

The same reason you are on this website. Because you are searching for something OUT there or IN you. 

> You are a decision-maker by day, but you don't have time to curate your own personal development. You want tips and tools you can use right away.

> The world views you as a BADASS, confident women, but you're inside feeling less than or not enough. You want a boost, you want to listen, you want to be in step with the woman everyone else sees.

> You are in transition. You are unsure. You are changing. And, as this occurs, you want to capture the truth, you want to find the fuel, and you want to take solid steps that serve your health, hope and happiness.



Do you know what makes you uncomfortable? Do you know what holds you back from taking action? This 90-minute workshop provides a massive deep dive into your own previous experiences to give you insight that will inform the goals you will chase and the way you will chase them.









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