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Use all of who you are to go after what you want.

The Chase is a transformative 8-week course for women who are ready to face who they are in order to go after what they want.

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"The Chase is a powerful interactive workshop made up of equal parts, guided self assessment, community, and badass coaching. Crista Samaras leads the group using Brave research and curriculum to summarize and simplify concepts in a format that makes sense and flows seamlessly into that moment of clarity. I came away feeling empowered to move forward and take the action necessary to create the results I want."

Kim D.

How The Chase works:

Nourishing elements of this experience.

Live Workshops

Weekly workshops with interactive chat features and real-time teaching via worksheets. All workshops are recorded and posted within 24 hours.

Skill-Building Exercises

The value of this course relies on the skills you build throughout the experience. Worksheets double as physical practice for emotional loops that need closing.

On-Demand Content

It can be hard finding time - even for self-love and care. So, when you can find it, content will be ready. Additional videos and bonus content available 24/7.

Community of Chasers

Private community of people who have self-selected into this course to do hard things who will be eager and ready to chat it up with their Chase-mates.

"I am very much still working it through. But knowing that THE CHASE is here, naming my fear, and owning my possibility gives me a lot of hope. The energy and spirit of this program is healing and powerful and Crista's voice -- the wisdom of her honest, brave, very raw and real process -- helps me find my own."

Princeton, NJ

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