Brave your fear.

#3 Holly Rilinger - 5’4” WNBA Baller

Dec 20, 2017

Holly Rillinger.
New York City.
I am sensitive
I am strong.
I am kind.
BE believe.

Badass Quotes:
🔺 "More money doesn't always mean better."
🔺 “Stay down there for a little bit. Stop struggling to get back to the top. Maybe there is something to learn down there for a little bit.”
🔺 “The fear was [me] becoming irrelevant.”
🔺 “I don’t know, but then again I have to reframe – well, it’s ok.”
🔺 “I like for everybody in that room to feel like they’re with me.”
🔺 “Make a decision and there’s an experience there.” (35:17)

Podcast Intro:
Holly Rilinger is a badass. Sitting across from her in this interview, it’s just like when I go to one of her classes, she is everything you want an instructor to be, she is motivation, she is so fit, she is SO fit. She is a Nike master trainer, she teaches a class called LIFTED that she developed, she has a book called LIFTED, she was on a reality TV show, was a former WNBA player, she was superstar coming out of James Madison and she made what she thought was the best big great decision for her career and man, was it a crash and burn. This interview is all about how she dealt with that time and how she’s dealt with other moments of fear in her life and what risk-taking looks like for her.

Official Bio: 
Before becoming a fitness expert, Holly Rilinger came to be named the #1 Freshman point guard by USA TODAY, the All-Time Leading Scorer at James Madison University, and a Strength and Conditioning All American ... (more)

Biggest Takeaways:
🔺 How to get over “instructor fear”
🔺 What happens when people avoid relationships by working too much
🔺 Separation between work and personal life
🔺 Having more money and more responsibility doesn’t always create joy
🔺 What happens when you distrust yourself
🔺 Why our initial reaction may not be the best one
🔺 Calling on your breath as an anchor to yourself
🔺 The making of a great fitness instructor
🔺 Advice for when you are IN the fear place
🔺 Dealing with the fact that failure is coming

Major Conversation Highlights: 
> Smooth move – the way her girlfriend won her over
> Outside expectations affecting how we behave
> What Holly’s rock bottom looks like
> What too many cooks in the kitchen can mean for your life
> Takeaways from the tough place – the “space down there”
> What (her) anxiety feels like
> How did Holly know she would be ok?
> LIFTED – Why meditation and training is best combo
> What a TV show gives you – and takes away
> Holly’s 7 Line Pitch (33:57)

Science & More Info:
Your Gut Feeling
What is the science behind fear?
Six Characteristics of Resourceful People That Bring Them Success
Nine of the Best Ways to Boost Creativity
How Curiosity Give Your Memory a Boost

Social Media:
@hollyrilinger (twitter + insta)

Online LIFTED Program
Lifted: 28 Days to Focus Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Elevate Your Spirit
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