Brave your fear.

#8 Chris Sailer - The Coach, The Defender, The Legend

Jan 24, 2018

Chris Sailer.
Princeton, New Jersey.
I am fun-loving
I am down to earth.
I am confident.
BE a warrior.

Badass Quotes:

> “You have to meet kids where they are now, you can’t coach the same way you coached 30 years ago and think you’re going to be successful with the kids of today.” 
> “Kids at elite universities struggle with the fear of failure.” 
> “To really grow the team, you have to find a way to help kids be vulnerable with each other.”
 “I just always had this inner confidence.” 
> “I loved to frustrate them.” 
> “My players know I love what I do, that I love them, and that I love Princeton lacrosse.” 
> “You want kids who are going to make plays. And you want kids who are going to risk.”
> “I connect much more with the word ‘worry’ than ‘scared’.” 
> “I worry about a lot of things.” 

Podcast Intro:
Chris is is a legend in women’s lacrosse, which is one of the fastest growing sports in this country. She went to Harvard and now she coaches at Princeton, where she has been for 32 seasons. She even just had a road named after her - the Chris Sailer trail - that’s how badass she is. She is curious, funny, sweet, wicked smart and has been a true role model of showing up, both personally and professionally.

Official Bio: 
Chris Sailer begins her 32nd season at the helm of the Princeton women’s lacrosse program for the 2017-18 academic year. She was inducted into the US Lacrosse National Hall of Fame in 2008. She has guided the team to three NCAA championships, 11 national semifinal appearances, 24 NCAA tournament appearances and 13 Ivy League titles. [more ...]

Biggest Takeaways:
> Adjusting coaching techniques over time 
> iGen’s challenge to build real relationships 
> Best ways to frame mistakes as a coach 
> What a tough season teaches you
> Nest ways to differentiate yourself in your job 
> Biggest issue for young players today 
> Why managing pressure is a great skill for players
> Antidote to worry
> Witnessing brave action helps us appreciate our stuff, be more positive 
> How to be a credible leader 

Major Conversation Highlights: 
 My soul’s perfect coach 
> Why kids struggle with fear of failure 
> Why GRIT is her top pick for character strength of her players 
> What internal confidence gave Chris 
> Who is more brave – defenders or attackers? 
> What it was like being coached by a legend 
> How to cultivate creativity in players 
> Managing high pressure situations as a coach 
> What makes a good pre-game talk 
> Chris’s mantra to stave off worry 
> The bravest person Chris knows 
> Advice on how to combat fear 
> How Gen X handled things differently than iGen 
> Chris’s 7 Line Pitch 

Social Media:
Twitter - @princetonwlax
Instagram - @princetonwlax

Science & More Info:
Growth Mindset
Cultivating Creativity
Moral Courage / Bullying

Additional Links:
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